While Uddhav Thackeray is looking for a favourable deal with Congress and NCP, the message from within the BJP is that it is keeping all options open. “Therefore, it is my ardent appeal that all parties should seriously consider these developments and work towards giving a stable government,” he added. BJP leaders also said the party is not averse to re-election in the state. Volume is a very important factor to look at when one studies this pattern.

  • But the party’s ambivalence in backing any of the bigger parties for government formation led to a snap poll in which Paswan’s party faced a major electoral setback.
  • Pay 20% upfront margin of the transaction value to trade in cash market segment.
  • This might fall under the purview of being legal or not, according to the information that the ‘insider’ has acquired.
  • Diamond Top and Bottom patterns also bear resemblance to Double Tops and Bottoms.
  • Price action is consolidating within previously formed large bullish candlestick.

Traders employ a variety of channels to set the upper and lower boundaries around a trend to analyze the volatility ranges of a security’s price and its probable reversal points. Since a diamond top is a powerful indicator for reversal, traders seek to draw a trendline around the pattern which forms a diamond shape. The pattern must continue to trade within the trendline boundaries to be classified as a Diamond Top Formation. If the price movement continues within the boundaries, the trendlines can provide resistance and support levels to help the trader trade into the reversal. Although they are generally uncommon, when they form, diamond top formations can be reliable indicators for an imminent reversal of a current uptrend. The pattern begins to form or occur when strong, up-trending prices begin to flatten sideways, over an extended period, marking the formation of a diamond shape.


The Broadening Formation is a Pattern of reversal or continuation of the Trend… A BJP leader from Bihar said that unlike LJP, the Sena may not be broken easily since it is a cadre-based party, but Thackeray’s party will find it difficult to “justify its action to the electorate, and will face the consequences”. “If the Sena does not get support from Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi, the BJP is ready to go for elections,” a senior party leader said. In February 1701, again Pondicherry was established as the capital of French company and Martin was appointed as the president and director-general, but after his death, there were a number of directors-generals appointed but they were not as strong as Martin. In 1720, the factories established at Surat and Masulipatnam had to be dissolved because of the poor conditions of France.

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In conclusion, a diamond formation is one of the several patterns which is sought out by technical traders. Even though diamond formations are rare, diamond patterns are strong indicators of price movements and are employed by traders to benefit from the price movement. At the same time, traders can predict the entry point, potential move, and exit point before entering into the trade.

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Now keep abreast with the happenings of the stock market on your Android Phone. BSE, the first ever stock exchange in Asia established in 1875 and the first in the country to be granted permanent recognition under the Securities Contract Regulation Act, 1956, has had an interesting rise to prominence over the past 143 years. Nifty under pressure, support seen at 9700Investors will be better suited to avoid stocks in the realty & infra sectors.

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One of the most commonly used technical analysis chart during share market investments is the diamond top chart pattern. Here’s an introductory guide to help you understand the diamond top pattern. According to stock market experts, cues from the US Fed members hinting at continued rate hikes on Thursday pricked sentiments globally. They went on to add that positive chart pattern like higher tops and bottoms continued on the daily chart and Nifty is currently in line with the formation of new higher bottom formation.

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The reversal pattern helps the trader to ascertain the price momentum of the security at its resistance level. Although, a reversal trendline does not always indicate a price correction. The stock price may push through the resistance trendline and continue to increase further. Investing in the securities market requires a combination of technical and fundamental skills. While fundamental analysis aids in evaluating the financial health of a company, technical charts and patterns suggest the entry and exit points for a trade.

To ease the analysis and trading, gaps are sub-divided into four categories—common, breakaway, measuring and exhaustion. As the digital age has brought about transparency in every aspect of life, including, for the most part, in financial transactions and information sharing, the latest ruling trading 212 autoinvest bank transfer by SEBI is bound to provide a fair playing ground for all traders. As a trader, equality is a requirement, and if you trade with Motilal Oswal, you may not get the perks of unfair insider trading, but you certainly will get advantages of a reputable broker and hints on how to trade smartly.

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The absence of Congress-NCP combine’s categorical commitment of support to Sena has come as a fresh lease of life to the BJP. While deciding not to rush, the party instead plans to give Sena, Congress and NCP time to exhaust all possible options among themselves before it explores the possibility of forming a government. In this paper, we look at the BSE-SME footprint since 2012 and its growth till date. We also look at the reach of BSE SME, the value creation it has from investors perspectives and the option of capital formation from the SME perspective. RBI issues Alert List of entities not authorised to deal in forex and to operate electronic trading platforms for forex transactions.

The Assembly was dissolved after JD managed to break the LJP and tried to form a government with defectors. Unveiling intraday stocks for today — Sumeet Bagadia, Executive Director at Choice Broking; Anuj Gupta, Vice President — Research at IIFL Securities and Manoj Dalmia, Founder & Director at Proficient Equities — recommended 6 shares to buy today. The head and shoulders pattern has another variation, called head and shoulders inverse, which looks like just the reverse of the head and shoulders pattern. Head and shoulders bottom or inverse has three low peak price points created by a falling stock/index.

Volume is highest and often expands on the left shoulder as the uptrend continues and more and more investors want to get in, whereas it is lowest on the right shoulder as investors sense a trend reversal. In the head portion of the pattern, fxopen review volume lies somewhere between that on the left shoulder and right shoulder. The Income Tax Department has sent notices to dozens of foreign portfolio investors and alternative investment funds , flagging discrepancies in their tax returns.

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KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets – once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary. Once the neckline of a diamond formation is broken, the technician may predict the reversal. To ascertain the potential move, the trader is required to calculate the difference between the highest and lowest point of the diamond formation and add it to the breakeven point. Below is the price chart of Gold on Daily time frame with my price action observations.

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Diamond Top Formation is one such technical analysis pattern used by traders to predict price movements. Now that you know insider trading meaning, you can clearly see how insider trading can affect the market rate of particular stocks in the event that individuals trade with these. Hence, the person on the inside, Web App Development Cost In 2021 the insider, has an advantage that is obviously unethical. You can well imagine why insider trading is not looked at with rose-tinted glasses, as it gives an unfair edge to a set of investors, leaving out the rest. What insider trading may also do is reduce the regular investor’s confidence and trust level.

If you misidentify the two, you could be shorting the market prematurely. Also, note that the diamond patterns may also be compared to double tops and bottoms; however, the latter has less distinctive lows and highs. Diamond Top Formation is a pattern that occurs at or close to the market top position. Diamond Top Formation derives its name from the diamond shape which is formed due to the trend lines of the stock price movement.

Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat / trading account Update your Mobile Number/ email Id with your stock broker / Depository Participant. A type of technical analysis pattern, diamond top formation is a pattern which typically occurs at or near to market tops. The formation essentially signals that an uptrend may be reversing. This formation is so named due to the presence of the trend lines that connect the troughs and peaks, and are carved out by a stock’s price action to form a ‘diamond’ shape. Insider trading rules for stock market trading need to be enforced to provide a fair battleground for traders and regular investors alike.